Welcome to Spuggidy's Desktops!

Please read this first!

Hello! I am Spuggidy and welcome to my own little corner of the internet. I'm autistic and one of my new favorite special interests is browsing either the Wayback Machine or Wiby or Neocities to find websites from the old internet. There are lots of fascinating websites to see, from scientific papers, to online merchants, to fan pages and blogs and even poetry and art sites. But the one thing that has captured my interests is Desktop backgrounds and screenshots from the WindowsXP era! I've saved every single one and now sit like a dragon on a pile of gold, but on a pile of desktop backgrounds. So I created this website to showcase them all. If you have any screenshots of Desktop Backgrounds from Windows95->Windows 7 era and want it to be featured on my page, please send an email to me at spuggidy.me@gmail.com